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Our aim is to provide trusted,
value-based solutions to our clients.

Broadbase Consulting provides you with technology solutions that meet your business needs.  With our range of fully managed solutions we can help address your business challenges through IT and telecoms solutions.  Our agility helps us support you in the ever-changing demands on your business and allows you flexibility in the face of competing demands.

About Us

Broadbase Consulting was formed in 2015 with the aim of supporting key business stakeholders who are struggling to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology and the increasing cyber security threat.

We have a broad customer base covering both public and private sectors.  Our agility and strong partner relationships allows us to integrate products from our partners into real solutions to meet the demands of businesses large and small. We are proudly registered on the G-Cloud 10 government framework.

We understand business leaders do not have either the time or experience to do the market research needed to find the right technology solutions, but Broadbase Consulting is the right partner to do this on your behalf.


At the heart of Broadbase Consulting is the ability to find the right technology solution for our customers. Working with our partners we will identify how to resolve the issues you face and deliver a solution that meets your needs.

  • Fixed line connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Dark Fibre
  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical DC Security

Some of the services we offer are as follows,
but as technology changes our solutions evolve to meet your needs:

Direct Internet Access

We can provide direct Internet access to allow you fast connectivity to the Internet. The growth in cloud computing is driving increasing demand for higher bandwidth and faster Internet solutions and Broadbase Consulting can those solutions

Cloud Computing

In the support of migration to the growing range of cloud computing suppliers Broadbase Consulting can provide you with direct connectivity to the key players in this market. You can avoid competing with the Internet’s obsession with cat video’s and work directly on your cloud based solutions

Virtual Private Networks

Broadbase Consulting can provide a range of VPN solutions to meet your needs. If you simply need added security on an Internet solution, we can provide this. If your business demands an MPLS solution for your VPN then Broadbase Consulting are able to provide the right solution for you. However the drive in the industry is Software Defined Wide Area Networks that allow greater flexibility and Broadbase Consulting can provide you with the right solution

Network Connectivity
no matter where you are

In the support of both our Internet and VPN solutions we can help connect you anywhere. Our solutions encompass the traditional fixed line technologies, as well as the increasing demand for mobile access, and satellite access where nothing else is available

High Bandwidth &
Dark Fibre

When the connectivity demand is for even higher speeds Broadbase Consulting can provide dark fibre and DWDM based solutions that will address the needs of even the most bandwidth hungry organisation

Data Centre

Even with the drive to cloud computing there is still a need for physical hardware in a data centre. Broadbase Consulting can provide the right data centre solution that meets the needs of your business

High Availability Compute

Mission critical solutions need to be always available. We are to provide solutions that meet the high availability needs of even the most demanding organisation


Broadbase Consulting are able to leverage vast experience in the area of cybersecurity and provide cutting edge solutions that are market leading. With our solutions your risk profile is mitigated through your solutions being invisible on the Internet.

Case Studies

Apart from providing stand along services/solutions, Broadbase often forms part of a larger solution, or provides a piece to a larger project. Some examples can be seen below.

As new roads are built, the ongoing safe and cost effective management of traffic is paramount to the success of the organisation. Broadbase has provided design and is in the process of delivering connectivity to allow TS to supplement physical traffic management resources with HQ controlled video solutions.

As the NHS continues to go through a digital transformation, there is a growing reliance on stable connectivity throughout the geographically diverse locations of administrative offices and surgeries. Broadbase has been able to assist a number of these locations, often in rural areas, in obtaining a combination of fixed and wireless connectivity.

In addition, following on from publicly well-scrutinised hacking, Broadbase is in the process of providing a cutting-edge based solution that protects the NHS from future damage caused by cyber criminals. The solution has the added benefit of providing material savings based on firewall and network savings.

Working with a larger system ingtegrator, Broadbase was asked to design and provide a temporary command and control centre. The client was a UK government security organisation that was tasked with hosting an international political event. In this case, there was no existing fixed connectivity. Broadbase was able to provide wireless connectivity which utilised all available mobile networks. We surveyed the geography for strength and diversity of signal strengths, and provided a fully managed solution that was able to take the multiple wireless data signals and bond them together to provide a secure, reliable, broadband connection to the command centre.

We are proud of our growing list of partners and clients,
which includes:


Please contact us to discuss if there is anything we can help with.
We have offices in London, Glasgow and New York.